Getting the Summer Body ready!



Who am I kidding? My body will not look like that (as shown in the image above) this summer 不不不 but I’m not saying I won’t try to hit the gym and get at least a blurred similar looking one . In fact I have already started hitting the gym.

Last week was my first week in about a month and a half to re-hit my workouts. Considering this is our first AfroCocktail HEALTH & FITNESS post I wont go all fitness-guru on y’all and also due to the fact that I’m only a year old in the gym.

With this weeks post i just want to share some of the tips I’m following how to get in shape and stay in shape for summer;

  • Commitment. Well this has to come of top of the tips as it is the most important, For us to embark on this journey of health and fitness as a lifestyle we need to be extremely committed to our goals. A year a go when i started working out, this was the only thing that kept me going, There are days i would feel mentally tired from school or i felt like drinking some soda instead of a milk or yogurt or water but i had to push through and stay committed. Trust me that was the time i got the most gains!!
  • Your goals are personal. There are times back at school when i almost failed to walk that path to the gym because i felt shy to go to the gym (because i was skinny as f***) and i felt afraid about what other people would say. I recall hearing people whispering something like ‘why is he even going to the gym….” and yet they didnt know my goals. That;s exactly why I’m telling you to stay working on your goals as a personal want. What others think, whether you are overweight or you just have potbelly doesn’t matter. Its your body and you’ll work on it the way you want.
  • Nutrition/Diet. Well this is very important too. Research what diet and nutrition you need to achieve your goals or summer bod as i call it and stick to eat. Recently I ran an instagram story on my account @derrickmuheki asking people if eating 3 boiled eggs as part of my diet and wow! over 60 % said no which was so hilarious because normally they would be right but considering the nutrition plan that I’m following for weight gain they are wrong.
  • Lastly, read and continuously check on our blog for the HEALTH & FITNESS posts. Vanitah, Christine and I are all currently starting serious workout goals for summer and will be sharing with you our experiences, tips and amazing smoothies till the summer! Lets get our summer bods ready.返踢返

Thanks for the read! Leave a comment below.







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